X-Wing rankings

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If you wish to have your name removed, or go by a pseudonym, please send us an email at Nationaltabletopgaming@gmail.com

We use results reported from all over the country and use them to develop our rankings. Every tournament is different and our system takes into account a myriad of factors to arrive at our rankings. These include The size, type, avg. attendee score and tier of the event

Not everyone can go to a large tournament every weekend. So we take a player's top 3 scores and use that to come to our rankings. 

Hey all! these are the rankings including worlds and the north american championships. 

My plan for 2.0 is to change things up a bit. First, only hyperspace events and up will be counted. Mostly because its a lot of work to track these events. Second, I am going to start doing this more as a qualification points system rather than a ranking. Basically, anyone who gets a certain amount of points will get their name up onto the site and I will give you a stupid nickname and you will earn an invite to the Invitational.

 A few people took the rankings a bit to seriously and began to equate their ranking with being actually better than other people. That is not something that I want to foster in our community. I think that we have a great community but in the past 8 months we have had a lot of negativity seep into it and I don't want my work to contribute to that in any way. I haven't quite worked out how I want to run the site moving forward and the rankings themselves, but I will be updating this up until Coruscant because I promised to for this group of top 50

X-Wing Power Rankings 8/13/18


Rank Name   

1 Duncan "TR8R" Howard     

2 "Dr. Capt." Andrew "Cinnamon" Bunn "MCP"  

3 Josh "Joshs who need to check TO spelling part 2 electric boogaloo" Holt  

4 William "Streszra" Haigwood     

5 Mark   Grawburg    

6 Nathan "Full Price" Eide   

7 Tim "DOBBY IS FREE" Hilton   

8 Andrew "Big Acrylic" Nuckols  

9  Francois Moret

10  Paul "Dad" Heaver          

11 Dee "Desirable Dragon" Yun 

12 Nathaniel "Apper of Dice" Moore 

13 Duhtch Cuthbert

14John Ahriman

15 Joel Killingsworth

16 Chris Little

17 Chris "Way better than Nick Tobin" Allen

18 Nicholas Tobin

19 Justin Brown

20 Andrew Schmidt

21 Tommy Adams

22 Kevin Dessecker

23 Josh Kalmouni

24 Sam Talley

25 William Dextradeur

26 Joe "Budget Nathan" Desmond

27 Blair "Not a glue eater"  Bunke

28 Chuck Stocky

29 Jeremy Trad

30 Marcel "Zip-Lock Bags" Manzano

31 Nam-My "Shamer of nerds" Le

32 Andrew Cox

33 Ryan Staniszewski

34 Wayde Stover

35 Jeremy "Canadia National Champion" Howard

36 Ernest Pasillas

37 Andrew Latourelle

38 Chris Norris

39 Parker "Surly" Berg

40 Chris Schafer

41 Alex Farley

42 Steven Gonzales

43 Carson Wray 

44 David kelley

45 Ryan "Moisture" Farmer

46 Travis Gardner

47 Kyle Meidell

48 Dion "Jim Nantz of X-Wing" Morales

49 MATT "Painter of Ships" ERBE

50  Tyler "01110111011010000111100100100000011000010110110100100000011010010010000001110011011101000110100101101100011011000010000001101000011001010111001001100101" Barnett