X-Wing rankings

  X-Wing Players of the civilized galaxy, on this day we mark a transition. For a couple years, the Rankings stood as the crowning achievement of civilized beings. But there were those who would set us against one another, and we took up arms to defend our way of life against the try hards. In so doing, we never suspected that the greatest threat came from within.  The Joshes and some within our own ranks, had conspired to create the shadow of try harding They had hoped to grind the Rankings into ruin.  
   But the hatred in their hearts could not be hidden forever. At last, there came a day when our enemies showed their true natures.  
  The Joshes hoped to unleash their destructive power against the Rankings by assassinating the Bunns and Howards and usurping control of the Rankings. But the aims of would-be tyrants were valiantly opposed by those without elitist, dangerous powers. Our loyal X-Wingers the insurrection was  quelled.  
  The remaining Joshes will be hunted down and defeated! Any collaborators will suffer the same fate. These have been trying times, but we have passed the test. The attempt on the rankings has left me scarred and deformed, but I assure you my resolve has never been stronger. The war is over. The Joshes have been defeated, and their rebellion has been foiled. We stand on the threshold of a new beginning. In order to ensure our security and continuing stability, the Rankings will be reorganized into the National Invitational Qualifier, for a safe and secure society, which I assure you will last for ten thousand years. An Event that will continue to be run for a thousand years. 

SO what does that mean?! 

Well that is very simple, instead of maintaining a ranking of individuals and the top 50 will be invited to play in the invitational. Events and placing will be assigned points and ANYONE who gets enough points will have earned their chance to come and play in the invitational. 

Tentatively, These points will only be counted on events submitted to Listfortress to make my life easier. The points are listed below and good luck!

All the below points are tentative and are for Hyperspace Cups, Trials and system opens you need 10 points to earn an invite to the event!

Winning the event 5

Runner-up 3

Making the cut 1 



Rank Name   

1 Josh "TR8R" Holt   

2 Duncan "Sith Lord" Howard   

3 Andrew "Cinna" Bunn   

4 Ryan "Gave me a nickname to use and I forgot it" Staniszewski   

5 William "Validated" Haigwood   

6 Nathan "White walker spokesman" Eide   

7 Mark "beat me that one time" Grawburg   

8 Francois "Gold Squad" Moret   

9 Dee "Dragon" Yun   

10 Duhtch Cuthbert   

11 Nathaniel "Nate" Moore   

12 John Ahriman   

13 Joel "Red Baron" Killingsworth   

14 Chris "Chad Chris" Little   

15 Andrew "Big Acrylic" Nuckols   


17 Tim "I was free" Hilton   

18 Nicholas Tobin   

19 Justin Brown   

20 Andrew Schmidt   

21 Tommy Adams   

22 Jeremy "Quitter" Howard   

23 Josh Kalmouni   

24 Sam Talley   

25 William "This better be spelled right cuz im not fixing it" Dextradeur   

26 Joe "Budget" Desmond   

27 Blair Bunke   

28 Kevin Dessecker   

29 Jeremy Trad   

30 Nam-My "MADE IT" Le   

31 Andrew Cox   

32 Chuck Stocky   

33 Solomon Lee   

34 Wayde Stover   

35 Ernest Pasillas   

36 Andrew Latourelle   

37 Chris "Also Chad Chris" Norris   

38 Chris "Maybe Chad Chris" Schafer 

39 Alex Farley   

40 Steven "The Producer" Gonzales   

41 Carson Wray   

42 David Kelley   

43 Ryan "Moisture" Farmer   

44 Travis Gardner   

45 Kyle Meidell   

46 Dion "ESPN" Morales  

47 Tyler "0101010101101110101001010010010011" Barnett   

48 Matthew Kissh  

 49 Justin Battenberg   

50 Daniel Fiorentini   

Just like last year the following people have an invite as well!

51 Gerry Russell   

52 Michael Ramirez   

53 Kevin Leintz   

54 Richard Hsu   

55 Carson Hopper   

56 Caleb Torrey   

57 Scott Forster   

58 Paul Heaver   

59 Andrew Nee   

60 Drew Bishop   

61 Tim Dugan   

62 Seth Dunlap   

63 Joe Janelle   

64 Brandon Prokos