X-Wing rankings

Updated sometimes!

If you wish to have your name removed, or go by a pseudonym, please send us an email at Nationaltabletopgaming@gmail.com

We use results reported from all over the country and use them to develop our rankings. Every tournament is different and our system takes into account a myriad of factors to arrive at our rankings. These include The size, type, avg. attendee score and tier of the event

Not everyone can go to a large tournament every weekend. So we take a player's top 3 scores and use that to come to our rankings. 

Worlds is coming up this week and so its time for some pre worlds rankings!

X-Wing Power Rankings 4/30/18


Rank Name   

1 "Dr. Capt." Andrew "Cinnamon" Bunn "MCP"    

2 Duncan "TR8R" Howard   

3 Nathan "Full Price" Eide   

4 Marcel Ziplock Bags" Manzano   

5 Chris "Way Better than Tim Hilton" Allen   

6 Tim "I resign to my fate" Hilton   

7 William "Streszra" Haigwood   

8 Kevin "Warcraft is a terrible game" Leintz     

9 Josh "Joshes who need to check TO spelling part 2 electric boogaloo" Holt   

10 Andrew "Big Acrylic" Nuckols   

11 Andrew "So, Loopin' Chewy?" Schmidt   

12 Joe "Budget Nathan" Desmond   


14 John "Curse Breaker" Ahriman   

15 Nathaniel "Apper of Dice" Moore   

16 Carson Wray   

17 Andrew Cox   

18 Wayde Stover   

19 Kevin Dessecker   

20 Tommy Adams   

21 Gerry "Hot Pants" Russell   

22 Tyler "0101010010101010101" Barnett   

23 Josh "Joshes really need to check the TO'S Spelling part 1" Kalmouni   

24 Sam Talley   

25 Mark Grawburg   

26 Blair "Miranda's Lover" Bunke   

27 Dee "Desirable Dragon" Yun   

28 Chuck Stocky   

29 Nicholas Tobin   

30 Nam-My "Not Eric" Le   

31 Paul "Dad" Heaver   

32 Drew Bishop   

33 Andrew Latourelle   

34 Joel Killingsworth   

35 Ryan "Moisture" Farmer   

36 Duhtch Cuthbert   

37 Doug Howe   

38 Chris Norris   

39 Parker "Surly" Berg   

40 Alex Farley   

41 Steven Gonzales   

42 David "I too am glad to be here" kelley   

43 Travis Gardner   

44 Dion Morales   

45 MATT "Just happy to be here" ERBE   

46 Jeremy Howard   

47 Matthew Kissh   

48 Dallas Parker   

49 Sara Tessem       

50 Justin Battenberg